Statement on The Youth’s Dream for Future Mekong

We, The Mekong Youth Assembly, a network of young environmental advocate groups and individuals from six Mekong countries, get together beside the Mekong River today. We witness challenges and difficulties our fellow youth advocates are facing to protect the environment and our beloved communities. We seek for like-minded friends to join the journey of the following dreams to reality:

  1. We dream that we are encouraged to express our opinions freely in all aspects of any given development project. Our movement to stand up for responsibledevelopment, justice, non-discrimination, peace and equality are protected by law.
  2. We dream that our right to participation inany decision making toward the fate of our rivers, our communities and our futuremust be respected.
  3. We dream that today’s adults, especially those in power, would bear in mind that “you do not inherit the Earth from ancestors, you borrow it from us, yourchildren”. Make sure our mother earth shall be returned to us with prosperous life elements. In this regard, always respectfully consider our lives.

We will put all efforts to protect the Mekong Riverwhich unites us here today spiritually and physically. We will continue on this journey together until our dreams come true.